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Savor a surrender so sweet


Revel in a touch like honey 


Sustained at the edge of ecstasy




bound in bliss



Body on Body bond


simple. sensual. restorative.

Looking for something different? nude bodywork with gentle wrist restraints to increase the tease and fan your desire. enjoy a skilled and sensual massage. let all your stress just melt away.

soft. slow. sustained.

enjoy the edge.  Elysium is the ultimate in slow sensuality. Gentle silk restraints provide you paradoxical freedom. Freedom to feel every nuance as I gently caress you from head to toe. Experience a variety of soft textures and massage to tantalize and relax you. Elysium will surf the crest of your pleasure and sustain the intensity on a long slow climb, bringing you to dizzying heights and unforeseen vistas.

Dynamic. Bold. Liberating.

Do you desire to dip a toe into the dark side? Or would you prefer a softer side to your submission? My Unique approach to Bondassage is a perfect way to try a touch of kink or to bring more sensuality to your domination. You will be restrained and blindfolded. I will experiment with a variety of textures, pressures, rhythms and more to find what you never knew you liked, what you love to hate and what you hate to love. 

electric. intense. ubiquitous.

nuru style body on body bliss. skin to skin. covered in warm oil. i will slowly and sensually massage your entire body with mine. you are gently bound to the mat, increasing the intensity of your yearning. the sensory experience of this style is captivating, engrossing, and enthralling.





Bound in bliss

How simple is your appreciation?

60 // 280




How expansive is your Sensation?

60 // 360

90 // 460

120 // 640




90 // 460

120 // 640

body on body bond

Can you handle the heat?

60 // 420

90 // 640



consideration for Coaching and Psychosomatic healing sessions available upon request


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