cancellation policy

can't make it? What a shame! I understand life sometimes has it's own plans but my time, like yours, is valuable. 

 I will generously accommodate changes as best my schedule allows.

Cancellations within 24 hours incur a 50% fee.

our meeting will start and end as scheduled. Please plan accordingly regarding traffic, parking, finding a new studio, ETC. see above regarding same day cancellations.




You really want to see me, don't you? Do You know how I can tell?

i received the non-refundable deposit for our date.

send your full tribute at the time of booking 48+ hours in advance for 10% off

i suggest minimum 24-48 hours notice to schedule a session. you can always inquire same day, though such appointments are increasingly rare. my date book is often set up to a week in advance, especially when touring.



for our mutual safety I require screening to book a session, absolute Discretion is the foundation of my business. 

  • Please send two recent reputable provider references. Include a name, website and contact information 
  •  identity verification: your full name, date of birth and phone number (a government ID is sufficient)
  • work verification: a work website or linkedin showing your name and photo, confirmed by a second item (work ID, DL, business card, paystub). 
  • website handles assist in screening. please send a message directly through the site. additional information will be requested. 


please Don’t Kiss and tell! This is an act of mutual respect and privacy. Reviews are full of spoilers leaving little to the imagination. Please honor each clients opportunity to arrive open to the sensuality, suspense and surprise. existing reviews confirm me as an established provider. beyond that i encourage you to arrive with an open mind and think for yourself.